Exhibition in Mimmo Scognamiglio Artecontemporanea

Milan 2013


Group exhibition produced by Kiasma contemporary art museum of Helsinki and Marimekko



video, 4:03 min

Dancehall Queen Style is a Jamaican dance fashion which became popular in the 1990s through music videos and The Grind show on MTV. The video is a playful take on the dancehall culture with its provocative costumes, suggestive poses, roles and blatant sexuality.

Idea: Jenni Hiltunen
Direct and edit: Miikka Lommi
DOP: Jan Granström
Styling: Henna Koskinen/Kirsi Nisonen
Make-up & hair: Piia Hiltunen
Lights: Paavo Lehtonen/Jan Granström
Coloring: Pasi Mäkelä/James Post
Music: Ville Riippa
Dancers: House of Queens


Exhibition in Galerie Forsblom

Helsinki 2013


video, 6:06 min

Mirage is a video inside a video, an undefined story and a dream. Viewers can see figures in an empty place in the monitor. Time inevitably goes forward and spins the swaying bodies. Mirage imitates an incongruous, grueling and voyeristic world. It shows a middle finger to conservative body images, gender, art and fashion and instead laughs at life itself.

Idea and script: Jenni Hiltunen
Direct and edit: Miikka Lommi
DOP: Paavo Lehtonen
Music: Tatu Vuolteenaho
Styling: Mert Otsamo
Make-up: Piia Hiltunen
Hair: Tom Wennerstrand
Performers: Aino, Ani, Pietari and Ville



video, 2:35 min

Blink wraps together different meanings and narratives of our world. The video consists of rapid moments of suspicion and a feelings of alienation. A monotonic and dragging sound, like a broken music box, detaches the story from time and place. A magical and surrealistic ambience is unleashed.

Idea and script: Jenni Hiltunen
Director and edit: Miikka Lommi
DOP: Tuomas Järvelä
Music: Marko Nyberg
Photographer: Paavo Lehtonen
Styling: Suvi Puotiainen
Hair and make up: Piia Hiltunen
Performers: Anna, Heikki, Maria and Paavo


Exhibition in Galerie Forsblom

Helsinki 2011


video, 3:47 min

A hectic rhytm of the video reflects the fever of individual in the global and weird world. There aren´t any limits of binging and inequality. Asexuals, beggars and artists face one other, time vanes and speeds up. Feelings of alienation and bystanding are present.

Idea & Script: Jenni Hiltunen
Direct & Edit: Miikka Lommi
DOP: Tuomas Järvelä
Styling: Vesa Kemppainen
Make Up & Hair: Piia Hiltunen
Performers: Aapo, Elisa, Eero, Jenni, Noora, Ossi, Paavo, Susanna, Varpu, Vesa
Music: Ancestors of Putin, Alis Pelleschi, BFGF, Kit Builders, Mc Gaff E, Dental Work, Twila.too, Vaginals, Hard Place, Sirkus, Kississings, Vivan Alive

24/7 SHIVA

video, 2:47 min

24/7 Shiva describes the complex process of painting. It shows an alternative way to present the artist and also a comment for a narrow minded and conservative artist stereotypes. The video consist of performative and narrative scenes which are composed together by the shown act of painting and the sound it produces. The video is peeping to a genderless world where role-changing characters are playing their parts as artists inspiration and as her canvas. 

Idea and Script: Jenni Hiltunen
Direct, Edit, DOP: Miikka Lommi
Styling: Jan Koskinen
Make-up & Hair: Piia Hiltunen
Performers: Nora, Paavo, Jenni, Ossi, Josephine
Music: Ladies!Disaster (ger), Wannabestar (NL), Comanechi (UK) and Viola Vagina (Ger)